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The Dominican Republic (DR) offers fully owned and affordable real estate mixed with a stable democratic government, incredible weather, and active expat community.


All condos we sell are lock up and leave, located in gated communities, and have full management programs (bill payments, housekeeping, garden/pool care, maintenance, and  24-hour security).  

Earn rental income when you are not using your Dominican Republic real estate – all the properties we sell have full rental management programs.  We feature the best condos for sale in the capital of the Dominican Republic, whether for a vacation or retirement home.

The world’s hospitality sector as we know it has been flipped on its head with the emergence of Airbnb —the world’s largest online marketplace for vacation and apartment rentals. Gone are the days where travelers are at the mercy of a hotel for their accommodations. 

Hotel operators are not going down without a fight, however, and their paid lobbyists are going out to bat for them on the legislative front. And, I’ve got to admit, they’ve been very effective in getting new laws passed to restrict short-term rentals.

For the most part, these rental restrictions affect individuals who own a condo or apartment unit in buildings where renting short-term is expressly forbidden in the HOA bylaws.

Large-scale real estate developers, recognizing the opportunity here, have started to get in on the hospitality game, developing apartment buildings specifically for short-term rentals. They know that lots of real estate investors are looking for property to generate rental income, so the units will sell. Plus, on the flipside, they understand that more and more travelers are renting apartments versus staying in a traditional hotel, which means investors will get their yields, everybody wins.

Business Oriented Real Estate Opportunities

The MOST important thing we do.

At ISLANDLIFE Investment Realty, we understand the needs of foreign investors.   For almost 10-years we have helped people investing in the Dominican Republic to find the properties that best suit their lifestyle, financial situation and short/long term needs.  We know that buying foreign property can be an intimidating experience.  Most people have no idea where to even start the process or who to trust.  How does it all work? What are the legal ins and outs? Will my title be owned by me and secure? How stable is the government? How much are taxes?

We believe that information is key and know how to explain and relate Dominican real estate structure and information in ways that make sense.  We take our client’s trust seriously.  It’s important to ensure buyers understand the buying process, but also view only the best real estate:  those properties with finished titles; sound project developers with good reputations and financial history; developments with gated security and services; etc.  We work with the best local real estate lawyers and other professionals.  Our service does not stop with the sale.  We also assist new owners with insurance, furnishings, rental services, etc.

We are here to help.  It’s as simple as that.



Sales Agents
Maria Abreu
Renee Gillard

“Deslinde” Procedure Necessary for Real Estate Transactions after April 4, 2009 (ENGLISH) the new Property Registry Law (Law #108-05) that has been in effect since April 4, 2007, and its enabling regulations, have drastically changed Dominican real estate law. One essential element of this modernization has been the requirement of a “deslinde” for all real estate transactions: purchases, sales, mortgages, condominium formation, etc.

Dominican Foreign Investment Law 16-95 The Law 16-95 allows almost any type of foreign investor, without the need of prior approval from the Central Bank, to buy through the commercial banks the foreign currency needed to remit abroad all the capital invested and the dividends obtained from the investment. These provisions entailed a substantial amendment of the regime applicable to foreign investments. 

Retirement in Dominican Republic Incentives for Pensioners and Rentees - Opting to retire in the Dominican Republic, Pensioners Rentees from foreign countries can count on the New Law 171-07, Special Incentives law for Pensioners and Rentees that would give them ample benefits in the Dominican Republic of low taxes and peaceful living.

Inheritance of Real Estate by Foreigners There are no restrictions on foreigners inheriting title to real property in the Dominican Republic. Inheritance taxes are a 3% of the appraised value of the estate.